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Frequently asked question’s

 Frequently Asked Questions


How is Releana® made?

Using the highest quality standards by a licensed and FDA Manufacturer to insure uniformity, consistency and effectiveness.


How long has Releana® been available?

Releana® has been prescribed in a clinical setting since 2003.


I have heard there are cheaper oral products on the market today. Why should I choose the Releana® Program?

There are many imitations, copycat formulas being sold over the internet that claim they work as well as Releana® . Here are the facts:

Releana® is the only medical grade, patented, sub-lingual delivery system available in the United States.


Some products may actually deliver overdose or underdose and can also contain undisclosed additives that do not transport as effectively as Releana® .

Imitation products may not be manufactured to the same sterile laboratory standards of Releana® and may even contain

equine (horse) products.

The makers of Releana® are dedicated to improving the formula to get better results and to change people's lives through health and wellness.


What is the difference between Releana® drops and injections?

With Releana®, you have twice a day dosing and there is no immunity so you can stay on the program until you reach your goal. No painful injections, sites with bruising or local side effects. The convenience of Releana® equals less patient visits and may be more cost effective.


Will my patients do well on the Releana® Program?

Yes, if they follow the guidelines of the program and take Releana® as prescribed.


Can my patients participate in the Releana® Program when taking medications, have high blood pressure or diabetes?

Very often, medication dosages can be lowered after the Releana® Program. In some cases medication can even be discontinued.


Does Releana® require a prescription?

Yes, you need to be a medical practitioner with a DEA license.


Can patients exercise while on the Releana® Program?

Yes, we highly recommend it, but patients should limit their exercise to mild aerobics, fast walking or yoga to increase fat burning.


Can men use Releana® or is it only for women?

Men use Releana® with equal success.


What are some positive effects while on the Releana® Program.

Patients often experience an elevation in mood, as well as a decreased need for antianxiety, blood sugar, blood pressure, or anti- depressant medications. Patients also report better hormonal balance, decreased hot flashes and increased libido.


What can I eat while on the Releana® Program?

You will be eating normal, healthy food easy to find at any grocery store.


Can vegetarians use Releana®?

Yes, by following our vegetarian protocol.